gilad kavalero 

gilad kavalero, age 39, a fashion photographer and art director.

I started my connection with a camera at the age of 15 when the principal of the school of arts purchased a camera for me and ever since then my greatest love has been photography. Over the years I have served in the army, got my B.A degree in performing arts, I performed in musicals, but the camera has always been around and part of me. Over the past few years my longing for photography has grown and I have received job offers to photograph  all over the world and I quickly realized that this is what I have to do my whole life. My motto is "to get up in the morning and fulfill what you dreamed at night "
Hard work and persistence always leads me to reach wherever I desire!

It is important for me to see in my photographs a story and not just a picture, to feel my characters with their own individual personality through their body language & facial expressions, I search for a combination of emotion and power through the lens !!!!